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Microcredit Program for Women Entrepreneurs

Grameen Costa Rica is a nationwide non-profit organization that provides microcredit to women entrepreneurs to start or grow their business. A Grameen group was first formed with 10 women in September 2020 in Matapalo and is continually seeking additional entrepreneurs to participate in the program. Futuro Brillante is a proud official partner of Grameen Costa Rica.


Business Skills Workshops

NEW PROJECT FOR 2021! As many local residents found themselves unemployed as a result of the pandemic, they took the opportunity to start a new business. As a result, Futuro Brillante has identified many talented artisans and quality products in our local area. Many of these individuals need support to increase their business skills and reach more customers. Futuro Brillante has developed a series of online trainings to help these local entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential.


Matapalo Feria

The Matapalo Feria was created in an effort to reactivate the local economy and support entrepreneurs who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This tremendous initiative is being led by a commission of local leaders including: ADI Matapalo, ASADA Matapalo, Futuro Brillante, and the Municipality of Santa Cruz. Inaugurated on March 7th, the Matapalo Feria was the first official fair in the Santa Cruz County’s ‘Sí Podemos’ program, which includes a variety of coordinated efforts to boost the local economy, including ferias in several other coastal communities.

The Feria is held ever Sunday from 1:30pm to 6:00pm in the center of Matapalo and features a musical or cultural presentation each week at 4pm. There are 40 different vendors who sell a wide variety of high quality, local products including authentic Costa Rican cuisine, art, souvenirs, plants, clothing, soaps, jewelry, and much more.