Graduation of the First Generation of the ‘Nature Club’

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Graduation of the First Generation of the ‘Nature Club’

On November 11 we celebrated the first generation of the Nature Club, the environmental education program for third grade children of the Matapalo School. The children who participated became scientists during the course of the year and learned a lot of things about nature in their community between several talks and three tours. Topics included the scientific method, separation of solid waste (recycling), how to prevent forest fires, and much more. Many thanks to Tamarindo Ecoadventure Center for the gift of the canopy tour for each child and many thanks to Kike’s Place in Playa Grande for lending us their room. Many thanks to the Bright Future team (Loren, Melanie and Pito) for their great help. Many thanks to the special guest Toño Pizote for his presence. And many thanks to our dear teacher Rocio Fernandez for her patience, love and affection. You are the best teacher and we learned a lot this year. Thanks for everything. Congratulations to the graduates. We are very proud of you!!

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