Construction of Locker Rooms with Rustic Pathways

Project Description

Construction of Locker Rooms with Rustic Pathways

On June 14, we officially broke ground on the locker room projects at the Matapalo soccer field. The project was conceptualized with the help of the ADI of Matapalo, the Youth Soccer team, and Futuro Brillante, in collaboration with funds and volunteers from Rustic Pathways. Rustic Pathways is a tour operator that works all over the world offering trips that provide unique opportunities to experience the local culture and volunteer.

Nine different groups of volunteers worked on the lock room room project. More than 135 teenagers, mostly from the US, helped to dig ditches, mix cement, lay block, paint, and much more.

The locker rooms were officially inaugurated on September 9, perfectly coinciding with activities for Children’s Day.

We are so grateful for the support of Rustic Pathways and their volunteers. We would also like to give a special thank you to Don Gabriel Nuñez Lopez, the project foreman, who did a great job leading the volunteers through this difficult project. The locker rooms turned out great!

Project Details