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enriching lives for a better future

Education and technical training

Our education and technical training initiatives  prepares individuals to join the local workforce and to become entrepreneurs and community leaders.


We invest in the creation or revitalization of community spaces that are designed to have positive social impact.

Community garden

The Community Garden in Matapalo is a collaborative project that has the help of local volunteers and experts in agronomy, water management, architects and contractors.


Our environmental programs are designed to unite the local community in efforts to protect, preserve, and improve the local environment.

Community Development

We strive to improve the quality of life of local residents through advocacy efforts and occasional financial support for community initiatives.


The La Garita Vieja School is very happy and thankful for the donation of the water tank from Futuro Brillante. Due to the scarcity of water in our community, there were many days when we had to cancel classes and close the school because there was no water. Thanks to the donation of the water tank, we are now always able to maintain a regular schedule for our students.

Joselin Fajardo Romero,
Preschool Teacher, La Garita Vieja School

Thanks to the water tank donated by Punta Sabana, we are now able to ensure that we have water everyday for the school, even during the dry season when water is rationed. We primarily use the water tank for the kitchen to prepare meals for the students. Many local families do not have the financial means to provide three meals a day for their children. Therefore it is so important to ensure that the kitchen has access to water and can safely and hygienically prepare meals for the children everyday.

Ignacio López Rosales,
Teacher & Vice Principal, Matapalo School