Water Fountains & Sinks at La Garita Vieja School

Water Fountains & Sinks at La Garita Vieja School In December 2016, Futuro Brillante completed a major renovation project at the La Garita Vieja school which included the reparation of several pipes that had been damaged in the earthquake of 2016, the installation of four drinking fountains, several new sinks, new bathroom doors, and other […]
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New Painting Matapalo CEN

New Painting Matapalo CEN The CEN in Matapalo is a very important community resource for local families and children. This government sponsored program provides free early childhood education, meals and food assistance for young children and pregnant women from low socioeconomic backgrounds. In September and October 2016, Futuro Brillante assisted the CEN with a complete […]
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Police Station Remodeling

Police Station Remodeling In July 2016, Punta Sabana partnered with the Integral Development Association of Matapalo to remodel the local police station. Due to inadequate conditions, the police station was in danger of being closed by the Health Department, which would have left Matapalo without a local security presence. Thanks to a $2500 contribution from […]
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Building new well for ASADA of Matapalo

Building new well for ASADA of Matapalo On July 19, 2016, the ASADA of Matapalo (the community institution that manages the local water supply) inaugurated its fifth well, adding an additional four liters per second to the community’s supply. The ASADA was able to construct this new well and pump house, thanks to donations from […]
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